I can’t say enough great things about him.

Calle has really honed his craft and has developed a true expertise that he combines with his passion for the business. Over the years, I’ve met with a dozen real estate agents, and none of them came close to impressing me the way that Calle did from beginning to the end during the recent sale of my home that he orchestrated masterfully.

Calle is knowledgeable about psychological aspects that buyers and sellers go through and was always one step ahead of everyone involved in the process. He is tenacious, but charming and graceful in his approach, striking the perfect balance of someone that is loyal to you and will fight for you, but witty enough to understand the value of deeply connecting with everyone involved. He did his homework on multiple people, finding out that one critical person was a golf lover and learning about some of the courses so he could talk shop with them and do everything he could to help us reach the price needed to make the deal go through.

I can’t say enough great things about him. I feel fortunate that I found him and got to work with him and would encourage anyone to seek out his expertise.

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